Brandell Studios - Custom metal sculpture
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Custom Doors & GATES

Calla Lilly Doors
  Custom made doors for private home  
Copper Flowers
  Copper flowers  
Close Up Detail
  close up detail  
Deco Double Doors
  Custom metal sculpted doors  
Deco Door Close Up
  Deco door close up  
Bird Of Paradise
  Custom designed bird of paradise  
Nickel Plated Flowers
  Nickel plated flowers  
Door Pull
  Custom designed door  
Sunburst Doors
  Sunburst doors  
Size 8 Ft. x 11 Ft.
  Size 8ft. x 11ft.  
Door Pull
  Door pull  
Travelers Palm Doors
  Travelers Palm Doors  
Travelers Palm
  Travelers Palm  
Travelers Palm Detail
  Travelers Palm Detail  
Contemporary Doors
  Custom sculpted contemporary doors  
Contemporary Doors Detail
  contemporary doors detail  
Copper Doors
  Copper sculpted doors  
Copper Door Detail
  Copper door detail  
Banana Leaf
  Banana leaf  
Low Relief
  Low relief